TopOfMitchellSept2014Hi – I’m Mark – an everyman working dad trying to keep life in that proper balance of Faith, Family, Fatherhood and (Cycling!) Fun.  I started this blog primarily to keep track of my own progress in cycling training and events and other related things.  However my belief is that life is not segmented into neat little compartments, one not to affect the other – but rather, everything is intertwined and related.  I see many parallels between the cycling life and my walk with the Lord.  So will be the theme of this blog.  You’ll also find a few posts here and there of other topics of interest to me.  Thanks for visiting!

About having a cycling blog …  Being a busy dad and trying to stay (relatively) fast on the bike I thought were two diametrically opposed objectives.  But I continue to build power and speed through trying out different approaches while staying true to my convictions.


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