Yakima King Cobra Bike Rack Fix

I’d been having issues with one of my roof bike racks (Yakima King Cobra) not holding the wheel securely … although it would “lock” into place for a specific wheel diameter, I always found it had migrated up towards the larger size after travel, leaving the bike able to move around in the tray.

I had asked Yakima if they sold the parts separately but they’re unavailable apart from buying a whole new roof rack.  Looking at it closer, even if I had new parts, it wasn’t clear to me how I could get a new plastic holder in between the metal tubes.  Customer service did offer to work out a deal on a new rack, but first I tried to save the $$ and come up with a fix.

Seemed to me the red locking cams had too much play, and if I could tighten up that clearance things might work.

A trip to Lowe’s for clevis pins and pin clips.  Just a bit larger than the original rivet (seen at the right – drilled out)


Next I had to drill out the red cam and the plastic wheel holder a bit for the larger diameter clevis pins.  Installed with a pin clip to keep it from backing out…  voila!  Both cams lock into place much tighter and the wheel holder doesn’t slide.

Not bad for $5 in parts.  Before and after (right) below:



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