The Art of a Cyclocross Course – Kite Hill CX (Clemson,SC)

This was a race I had on my calendar, but backed out to support a friend in a time of loss.  I was still in the area that day, and stopped by with the plans to take photos of whomever showed up to race in the mud.

That would be about 2 people from what I saw.  How disappointing for the organizers!  From the looks of things, the collegiate races went on but the afternoon of “regular” USAC CX entries went empty.  One junior and another men’s competitor showed up.  I would have been there ready to race in the mud …

Looking back on it Dingo Cross was on the same date.  Being so close to Clemson I can see where folks stayed with the established race series instead of trying something new a state over.  I hope they try again next year!

Regardless, I walked the course and got a few good photos.  What struck me is the organic, flowing (mudded) lines of the course contrasting with the dormant grass…

Top of the course…


I would have enjoyed these features.  At least I know I can bunny hop this height…



I think this was a climb.  I can see grabbing for traction here…




Snaking esses across the hill:



Muddy shoes after these barriers for sure!



Deep mud … Hope those shoes are on tight!



My favorite shot of the winding course.



Please try again next year Clemson Cycling!


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