Sherman Branch Trail – MTB time

This trail is close to family in Harrisburg, NC and I try to get out there every time we visit.  However this year didn’t work out very often … we’d always seem to visit on a rainy weekend!  I have to hand it to the folks who manage this place however, they are keen to close the trails when it’s wet.  While frustrating when trying to get ride time, doing it the right way keeps the trail integrity and retains the fun factor

for when it’s dry.  I have been on trails that are a rutted mess and … well it’s just a mess.


It was a very cold morning but I’d rather spend Black Friday on the trails than anywhere near “civilization.”  In fact one could argue that there is a distinct lack of civilization during Black Friday…

Trails were open and dry – but quite a few leaves.  Not having been out for months I had a vague memory of where the trail line was…  yes the trail is ahead, can you see it?


Another nice feature of the trail system is the available bail-out from the main loop.  Kids have had enough?  No problem – just exit this way.  Nice idea


I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t get too many photos.  But this snapshot of the lake was worthy a break (or was I getting tired?).


Since I can never seem to find a good map online I tried to capture the one on-site.  Unfortunately had to get it in two parts because of the sun glare.



What a great time out on the trail again…  Strava link … I was also very happy to have replaced my Magura brakes with Shimano hydros.  Much better feel!

Hope to get back here again soon!



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