Ups and Downs…

The day after our return trip from GHSP I caught something … which went something like a cold, turning into a sinus infection and all the related battles getting back to health.  I was thankful for not having to deal with sickness on our vacation trip, but it was a bit frustrating to have to slow down and not get the rides in I liked.

On top of that, coming back to high 90 degree weather from almost perfect riding weather was a downer too!  I was spoiled by the weather that let me ride hard and not worry about heat.

Over these few weeks I turned down the intensity and just enjoyed riding time.  Busywife and I got out for an easy SRT tour and found the newest section north of TR:



It’s fantastic to see the SRT extend further and further!  Here’s another blogger doing the homework of tracing down where the original railroad went:

Tracing the Swamp Rabbit Railroad

A couple rides later I felt up to climbing again and got a photo from the top of Paris on a not-so-hazy summer day:

A few weeks later we were blessed with the grandparents to kid sit again, and joined a group for a rare Saturday AM ride together.  Up/down Altamont from the Furman side, a short loop around TR and back to the Tandem Creperie.  Tasty!



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