Grayson Highlands 2014–Day 2 (Blueberries!)

Today we saw that there was a good chance of rain, so instead of looking for some longer hike / bike activities, we made a short morning trek to a nearby “blueberry hill.”

We were wondering since last year what the “crop” would be like this time around.  A few years ago we were spoiled by there being so many blueberries, and the years since were slow.  We either missed the peak, or lack of rain / too much rain seemed to affect the harvest.

This time around we weren’t disappointed.  We didn’t even have to walk far.  Here’s one bush where I spent plenty of time picking:


Plenty of nice clusters like these:


All this from just one bush!


We finished up a little late for lunch, just as some clouds started to roll in.  True to form, Grayson Highlands delivered with afternoon rain.  Still, busyfamily had “gotten busy” with picking.  We had almost a whole gallon of wild blueberries.  Looks like blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup are in our future!



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