A good week on the bike

This past week I got in some really good rides, and in contrast to the sluggishness I was struggling with about two weeks ago, I felt strong enough to get done what I wanted and to finish well on the last ride of the week.

First a longer loop through my typical country ride area: Strava link

Then I decided to go after Paris Mountain, climbing 5 times.  I managed to choose a pace that I could generally sustain all five times.  However, thinking about how slow I had to do it (and the resulting low cadence), it has made me think about adding a bailout gear to my cassette choice… although I would sacrifice by adding to the gaps I already have.  Strava link: Le Montange de Paris, Cinq Fois!

Lastly, a shortened version of my first ride of the week, where I surprised myself by accomplishing 17+ mph by myself.  Even finished strong back to the truck.  Strava link

Next week we’ll be on vacation in the VA mountains and hoping to get some significant climbing in.  Will report back when we return!


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