An attack on Paris Mountain and another PR

Last week I was out for a “quick” over and back on Paris Mountain and realized that I was blessed with cloud cover and afternoon temps “only” in the 80s.  I was feeling pretty good and wasn’t out for repeats but rather just one over and back … next thing I knew I had decided to attack the mountain and go for a PR up the Furman side.

All the way there I kept my heart rate low and took it easy.  Then right before Alatamont I clicked up a few times and went for it.

I saw my HRM shoot above 170 almost right away.  I let it fall a bit at the false flat halfway up and then kept on it again.  Bumping up against 180.  Feeling the strain but also still going strong.  Working hard but not done yet.

Towards the top my mind started to do the math and playing tricks on me.  “At this point I’m usually at 12 minutes … or was it 13?  I think I’m faster today…?”  At the turn before “The Grunt” I knew I was going to beat my last PR of 17:23 as long as I could stay in it.  My HRM showed 178 and I wasn’t even on the hardest part yet.  Go, go, go! I thought.  I’m going to either make it or pass out!  To the top – 186BPM and done in 16:42!

That would be called “burning all your matches.”  I cruised down the other side, taking it easy.  Took a break at CVS and then up the other side, struggling hard.  In fact, I think I even struggled all the way back down the Swamp Rabbit to my truck.  I guess I left it all out there on the climb, which is exactly what I wanted to do this day.

2 Chronicles 15:7 “Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak; for your work shall be rewarded.”

From the top of Paris Mountain

From the top of Paris Mountain


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