A Gift for busywife…

I had been plotting a surprise for Busywife for some time now, but she has foiled my plans.  Apparently at BikeStreet Greenville she found a 2013 Scott CR1 Contessa Team on sale for 50% off!  I was planning a birthday present in a few months but looks like birthday has arrived sooner!

wpid-img_20140531_071926_789.jpg wpid-img_20140531_071944_684.jpgwpid-img_20140531_072035_478.jpg wpid-img_20140531_072010_764.jpg wpid-img_20140531_072100_528.jpg

All carbon CR1 frame, all 105 groupset, 10-speed goodness with a compact front crank and even a decent wheelset for the price point.  There’s no catching busywife now!  It’s going to be a great bike for her Assault on Marion ride next year…

What was helpful in the decision is I had already had a test ride on a Cr1 and was impressed with the combination of road bike comfort and handling / power transfer.  Here’s a review of the same bike:

2013 Scott Contessa CR1 Team – Total Women’s Cycling Review

Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it” KJV


One thought on “A Gift for busywife…

  1. And…now that I’ve finished my first 70 mile ride on the new bike, I can safely say it was well worth the fact that we are now making payments on it! It really is a nice ride and such a splurge for me. Wish everyone had such a thoughtful husband. 🙂

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