Cycling with growing kids

BusyKid1 is growing.  Tricycles, training wheels and 20″ wheels are behind us.  No … now she is on a 24″ Marin MTB with trigger shifting, V-brakes and even a front shock!

Now enters another problem to be solved.  In younger days, we simply toted the kiddies along in a trailer – but she’s too big for that now.  Enter the Trail Gator:


Just one thing – Trail Gator specifically says to use only up to 20″ bikes.  So I guess I’m outside of the design parameters.  There are definitely some tweaks I had to make between the two bikes, but think this works because with my XL frame Cannondale MTB (i.e. tall bike) I can still get the ground clearance with her front wheel that the manual requires.

This is a good setup for us, so far we’ve ridden together for 10+ miles on more than a few occasions.  However it can be ungainly at moments, so as the “pilot” (to borrow from tandem terminology) you’ve got to pay attention, especially at low speeds and starts / stops.

Ultimately, for rides together, we’ll be on the old mid-80s Burley Rock N Roll I’m getting back into shape …


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