The effects of Multiple Bike Syndrome

BusyFamily has Multiple Bike Syndrome.  What started as BusyDad’s hobby and one bike has mushroomed into a serious disease.  Or an addiction.  Whatever it is, I (we) can quit whenever we want, and no we’re not quitting anytime soon.

With our camping adventures in a fifth wheel RV, truck bed space is at a premium and I’m not about to hang bikes of any worth off the back of a bouncing trailer.  We’ve made the front mount hitch and other random solutions work for awhile, but I finally was able to score a deal off of craigslist and put a roof rack on our trusty Ford F250 towing steed.

Some installation photos…


I should note that Yakima indicates an M1 distance (photo below) of 6″ – however this doesn’t work for folks who have cab lights installed and to use the fairing.  Unless you’d like to obscure the lights….?  I ended up using a 10″ distance – doesn’t seem to me that the rack would be any less secure in this position.

Rack specifics for our truck:


Final photos:

wpid-img_20140511_165203_687.jpg wpid-img_20140511_165131_488.jpg

Now to get a few more bike mounts…


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